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Why is it called concertina wire?

The answer is quite simple. Concertina wire got its name because its coiled structure is very similar to an instrument called a “concertina” . The concertina is an instrument similar to an accordion that can expand and contract like a concertina, and the coiled form of the concertina razor wire also possesses this characteristic.

This is a concertina.

Its playing method is to stretch and compress.

This is concertina wire.

It can also be expanded and compressed, allowing for quick deployment and retrieval.

This is the compressed state
This is the expanded state

Why is it designed with this structure?

Appearance and Structure

Coiled Configuration: The concertina razor wire fence is made of long, flexible wires that are coiled into rings. When unfolded, these coils can extend, similar to the bellows of an accordion. This coiled structure allows the concertina wire to be compactly stored and easily transported, while quickly unfolding when needed to form an effective barrier.

Expandable and Compressible: The concertina wire can be expanded to form a long barrier or compressed into a tight coil, offering flexibility in use. This characteristic of being expandable and compressible is exactly the feature of the concertina instrument, hence the name.


Barrier Formation: When unfolded, the coils of the concertina razor wire fence form a continuous, almost impassable barrier, similar to how the bellows of a concertina can be stretched and contracted to produce sound.

Easy Deployment: The coiled design allows for rapid deployment and retrieval, making it an ideal choice for temporary and permanent security measures.

Historical Background

Military Use: The concertina razor wire fence is widely used by military forces to quickly and effectively create barriers. The coiled design has been widely adopted for barriers that need to be portable and easy to deploy.

Etymology: The term “concertina” itself dates back to the 19th century when the instrument was invented. Due to the visual and functional similarities between the instrument and the concertina, this term was used to describe this type of concertina wire.


Concertina wire is named for its curled, extendable, and compressible structure, which is very similar to the concertina instrument. This design allows it to be stored, transported, and deployed efficiently, making it a versatile and effective tool for security and military applications.

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