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10 Types of Razor Wire – How Should You choose?

Concertina Razor Wire
With the continuous increase in global demand for safety, razor wire has become an increasingly popular security protection product. With its sharp edges and sturdy structure, it serves as an effective deterrent against intrusion. Many people hope to use it to protect their assets and property. However, facing various types of razor wire, choosing the most suitable one can be confusing.

Choose by Material

Material is the core of any metal product. Different materials determine different product performances and also have the greatest impact on cost.
Dongfu provides you with the following types of razor wire materials:

Stainless Steel Razor Wire

The top-tier material option for razor wire, it is the most durable of all materials. It does not rust in marine, saline-alkali, or humid areas, making it very suitable for harsh environments. However, it is also the most expensive of all materials. If you are not concerned about cost and only pursue longevity, then we recommend choosing stainless steel razor wire.
stainless steel razor wire

Hot-Dip Galvanized Razor Wire

The most popular material option with the best cost-effectiveness – it is second in terms of durability and corrosion resistance, though slightly inferior to stainless steel materials, its cost is much lower than that of stainless steel. If you are unsure how to choose, hot-dip galvanized razor wire is suitable for various projects.
Hot-Dip Galvanized Razor Wire

Electro-Galvanized Razor Wire

The most economical material option, with the lowest cost among all materials, but also with relatively poor corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in outdoor environments with certain conditions. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose it; although its durability is average, it does not affect its protective performance.

Electro-Galvanized Razor Wire

PVC Coated Razor Wire

The most aesthetically pleasing material option, PVC Coated is strictly speaking a type of surface treatment. It involves applying a layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) over galvanized or stainless steel wire, providing dual-layer protection. This coating not only offers additional corrosion resistance but also comes in a variety of colors, allowing for aesthetic adaptation to the surrounding environment. However, the cost is also higher. If you have simultaneous demands for durability and aesthetics, then you can choose PVC coated razor wire.

green powder coating razor wire

Choose by Product Structure

Dongfu offers these types of razor wire, each with its unique characteristics and application scenarios. You can understand this information and choose the most suitable protective product according to the specific project requirements. Below is an introduction to the commonly used types:

Concertina Razor Wire

Most popular structure:

• Composed of multiple layers of spiral razor wire, resembling an concertina with coils that are densely packed when expanded, leaving no gaps to pass through, providing unparalleled security.

• Commonly used in scenarios with high security requirements, such as military defense, prison security, and border lines, etc.


• Takes up a larger space, not suitable for areas with limited space.

• Visually aggressive, may not be suitable for places with high aesthetic requirements.

Single Loop Spiral Razor Wire

Simpler structure:

• Also in an concertina style, but with only one layer of spiral coil, which leaves larger gaps when expanded, providing basic security protection.

• Suitable for scenarios with low security requirements, such as private residences, factories, etc.

• Often installed on top of fences or walls to enhance security.


• Relatively lower protection strength, not suitable for places with high security requirements.

• The single-layer design is somewhat easier to be breached.

Flat Wrap Razor Wire

More aesthetically pleasing structure:

• Razor wire is made into a flat structure, installed in sequence, suitable for areas with limited space.

• Easy to install on existing walls or fences to increase security.

• Neat appearance, suitable for places with aesthetic requirements.


• The protection strength may not be as strong as spiral razor wire mesh.

• It needs to be fixed on a sturdy support structure to maximize its effectiveness.

Welded Razor Wire Mesh

Mesh structure:

• A mesh structure made by welding razor wire providing uniform large-area protection.

• Suitable for high-security fencing systems, such as prisons and military facilities.

• The overall structure is sturdy and not easily breached.


• Installation is more complex, requiring professional tools and techniques.

• Higher cost, not suitable for projects with limited budgets.

Straight Line Razor Wire

Similar to barbed wire structure:

• Razor wire is used directly in a straightened form, simple to install.

• Suitable for low to medium security requirements, providing a basic barrier effect.

• Often combined with other types of fences, installed on top to increase security.


• Limited protection strength, difficult to stop well-prepared intruders.

• Requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure its effectiveness.

Triple Concertina Razor Wire

The safest structure:

• Composed of three layers of interwoven accordion razor wire mesh, leaving no gaps to pass through, providing the highest level of security protection.

• Extremely difficult to cross, suitable for high-security requirements such as military bases, prisons, and borders.

• A strong deterrent effect, effectively preventing intrusion.


• Complex installation and high cost, requiring a professional installation team.

• Takes up a larger space, may not be suitable for areas with limited space.

Choose by Blade Models

We also offer razor wire with different blade models, which vary in blade length, protection, and application scenarios. The choice of the appropriate model should be determined by specific security needs and budget:

BTO-10: Suitable for places with low security requirements, low cost, and easy to install.

BTO-18: Suitable for places with medium security requirements, providing medium protection.

BTO-22: Suitable for places with high security requirements, offering good protection and strong deterrent effect.

BTO-30: Suitable for places with the highest security requirements, providing the strongest protection.

CBT-60 and CBT-65: Suitable for places with extremely high security requirements, such as military and government facilities, offering the highest level of protection and deterrent effect.

Choose by Applications

The types of razor wire introduced above each have their own characteristics and are suitable for different application scenarios. Dongfu provides some suggestions to help you choose the most appropriate type.

Military Facilities

Used to surround military bases and camps to prevent unauthorized entry and ensure the safety of military secrets and personnel. Concertina razor wire and Triple Concertina Razor Wire are often used, with blade models frequently chosen as BTO-10 and CBT-65.

Border Protection

Used at national borders to prevent illegal invasion, smuggling, and human trafficking, effectively controlling the entry and exit of people and goods. Concertina razor wire and Triple Concertina Razor Wire are often used, with blade models frequently chosen as BTO-22 and CBT-65.
concertina wire border wall

Prisons and Detention Centers

Used for the perimeter fences of prisons to prevent prisoner escape and ensure the safety and order within the prison. Concertina razor wire and Triple Concertina Razor Wire are often used, with blade models frequently chosen as BTO-22, BTO-30, and CBT-65.
Concertina Wire Prison Security

Government and Sensitive Facilities

Such as embassies, military command centers, and important government departments, use razor wire to prevent terrorist attacks and unauthorized entry. It is also used around key infrastructure like nuclear power plants to prevent sabotage and potential terrorist activities. Concertina razor wire and Triple Concertina Razor Wire are often used, with blade models frequently chosen as CBT-65.
concertina wire on chain link fence

Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Protect factories and warehouses from theft and vandalism, ensuring the safety of assets and materials. Set up around power substations and communication base stations to prevent vandalism and unauthorized entry. Flat Wrap Razor Wire, Single Loop Spiral Razor Wire, Welded Razor Wire Mesh Fence, and Concertina Razor Wire are often used, with blade models frequently chosen as BTO-22, CBT-60, and CBT-65.

Farms and Ranches

Used around farms and ranches to prevent livestock from escaping and wildlife from intruding, protecting the safety of agricultural production. Straight Line Razor Wire is often used, with blade models frequently chosen as BTO-10 and BTO-22.
Straight Line Razor Wire Used for forest protection

Residential Areas

Installed on the top of the walls of upscale residential communities to increase the safety of the area and prevent theft and unauthorized entry. Used for the perimeter fences of private villas to provide additional security protection. Flat Wrap Razor Wire, Single Loop Spiral Razor Wire, and Concertina Razor Wire are often used, with blade models frequently chosen as BTO-22, BTO-30, and CBT-65.
single-loop concertina wire is mounted on the fence

Temporary Events and Emergencies

Temporarily installed around large sports events, music festivals, etc., to control crowd flow and ensure event safety. Used around temporary resettlement areas after natural disasters to protect materials and personnel safety and prevent harassment by criminals. Concertina Razor Wire is often used, with blade models frequently chosen as BTO-10, BTO-22, and CBT-65.
concertina wire is used as a temporary barrier

Airports and Ports

Used for the perimeter fences of airports to prevent unauthorized entry into runway and hangar areas, ensuring aviation safety. Set up razor wire around ports to prevent smuggling, human trafficking, and unauthorized entry, ensuring the safety of port operations. Concertina Razor Wire is often used, with blade models frequently chosen as BTO-30 and CBT-65.
concertina wire is installed on a wire mesh fence


The above is Dongfu’s perspective on all types of razor wire and how to choose them. No matter whether you need to protect a military base, border line, industrial facility, or private property, Dongfu Company can provide you with the most suitable barbed razor wire solution. 

By understanding the characteristics and application scenarios of different types of barbed razor wire, you can better select products that meet your security needs and budget. You are welcome to leave a message below, or contact our professional team at any time to obtain more information and customized services, to escort your safety and procurement.

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