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Single Loop Spiral Razor Wire

Single Loop Spiral Razor Wire

Single loop spiral razor wire is a common type of concertina razor wire. It is the simplest pattern in a Coil style. It does not have clips binding adjacent loops and each coil loop is left free. Spiral razor wire generally runs in natural loops on fences or walls. Spiral razor wire can also be used as straight runner wire when stretched totally. stretched totally.

The single loop spiral razor wire is designed to provide a more flexible and cost effective solution than traditional razor barbed wire or multi loop concertina razor wire, whilst retaining good deterrent capabilities and impenetrable properties.

Combining high quality materials, fine craftsmanship and user-friendly design, the single loop spiral razor wire products offered by Dong Fu are designed to provide customers with both cost-effective and efficient security solutions.

Structural Features:

SIMPLIFIED DESIGN: Single-ring helical blade barbed wire consists of a single helical steel wire, which is uniformly fitted with sharp metal blades. This design simplifies the structure and makes it easier to install and maintain.

HIGH STRENGTH MATERIALS: The use of high-strength steel wires and corrosion-resistant metal blades ensures the fence’s durability and long-term protective performance.

FLEXIBILITY: Thanks to its single-ring spiral structure, this type of razor wire fencing offers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to installation, allowing the length and shape to be easily adjusted as needed to suit the specific requirements of different sites.

Spiral Razor Wire Specification

Coil diameter (mm)Loops per coilClips per coilRecommended stretch length (m)

We can provide different specifications for customers. For more requests, please contact us.

Application Cases

Single loop spiral razor wire is usually Installed on the existing fences or brick/wood walls. Easy installation and no maintenance cost. Suitable for use on top of or around fences in a wide range of situations with low security requirements, such as residential areas, industrial parks, farms, parks, etc., for protection against trespassing, theft and vandalism. 




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