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Razor Wire Fence

cbt-65 concertina wire is mounted on the wall

Razor Wire Fence - Ultimate Intruder Deterrent for Perimeter Security

Razor wire fence can also be called concertina coil fence or concertina wire fence, it has been recognized as a very powerful device to object the unwanted entry of enemies or animals. Sharp blades and spiral structure can trap anyone who intends to go through or over the razor wire fence barrier. Razor barbed wire fence price is higher than barbed wire fence but more protective.

Different types of razor wire can be made into various protective forms of the razor wire fence. It is used as a temporary or permanent engineering facility. It can be placed directly on the ground to form an insurmountable safety barrier, or it can be combined with other fences to form stronger protective facilities.

As a result, razor wire fence has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, military fields, prisons, detention centers, government buildings and other security facilities in many countries.

In selecting a razor wire fence, factors such as the material, blade shape, wire diameter, and surface treatment should be considered to ensure its durability and protective efficiency. Dongfu specializes in providing razor wire fence solutions, including customization and wholesale options, aimed at meeting the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

Types of Razor Wire Fence

Razor wire fences come in various types to cater to different security needs and application scenarios. Here are the main types:

Concertina Razor Wire Fence

Concertina wire fencing or concertina coil fence is the most popular and widely used protective application. It’s also the most effective type of defense, because it has virtually no gaps to be passed through.

concertina wire on chain link fence
concertina wire is installed on the roof

Flat Wrap Razor Wire Fence

The flat wrap razor wire placed at the top of the fence is a good choice for house protection. It extends the height of the fence and prevents thieves from climbing in. It can also be placed on top of a wall

flat wrap razor wire installed in chain link fence
flat wrap razor wire installed on wall

Welded Razor Wire Mesh Fence

Welded razor mesh fence is a special type that can be used independently as a security fence. It is almost impossible to climb or cut off with the standard tools.

diamond hole welded razor wire mesh fence
square hole welded razor wire mesh fence

Straight Type Razor Wire Fence

It looks like a barbed wire fence. Compared with the barbed wire fence, single line razor wire is more defensive and durable. It can be applied on the regular or Y shaped posts without any clips. Usually, three or more lines are needed for high-security applications.

straight line razor barbed tape fence
straight line razor barbed tape fence

Razor Wire on Top of Fence

Razor wire is often installed on top of a variety of fences to enhance the defense of the fence. Here are a few common fence combinations.

concertina wire is installed on a wire mesh fence
concertina wire is installed on a chain link fence
concertina wire is installed on a wire mesh fence

Where are Razor Wire Fence often Used?

Prison Security

Perimeter zones around prisons and government buildings serve as hard-to-break physical barriers to secure the boundaries of high-security areas.

Concertina Wire Prison Security
Concertina Wire Prison Security

Military Use

Permanent razor wire fences around military bases, warehouses, ammunition depots and other important installations to increase the security of these key locations.

Military protection concertina wire
Military protection concertina wire
Military protection concertina wire

Border Control

Countries use razor wire fences along borders to control illegal immigration and prevent unauthorized entry. It is an effective deterrent against smuggling and trafficking as well.

Examples include the famous Trump U.S.-Mexico border wall and the Texas border wall

concertina wire border wall
concertina wire border wall
concertina wire border wall

Asset Protection

Industrial and commercial properties utilize razor wire fences to protect assets, including factories, warehouses, and utility facilities. It helps to deter theft, vandalism, and trespassing.

single-loop concertina wire is mounted on the fence

Agricultural and Wildlife Control

In some regions, razor wire is used to protect crops and livestock from wild animals. It is also employed in wildlife reserves to keep animals within designated areas, preventing them from wandering into human-populated areas.

razor barbed tape fence

Residential Security

Homeowners in high-risk areas might install razor wire fences to enhance home security. It’s often used atop walls or fences to prevent burglaries and home invasions.

Black PVC coated concertina wire is used for residential protection

Public Safety

Around critical infrastructure like water treatment plants, electrical substations, and communication towers, razor wire fences are installed to prevent sabotage or terrorist attacks that could cause widespread harm.

single-loop concertina wire is mounted on the fence

Temporary Barriers

In scenarios requiring quick deployment, such as during riots, public demonstrations, or in disaster-stricken areas, temporary razor wire barriers can be rapidly installed to control movements or protect vulnerable locations.

concertina wire is used as a temporary barrier




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