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Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat Wrap Razor Wire-Aesthetics and Security

Flat wrap razor wire is a new type of razor wire fence. It is fabricated by using a single strand razor wire which is then clipped to create the flat sheet in the vertical direction. The flat wrap razor wire can be used to upgrade any existing fence or brick wall, which is an ideal alternative to common concertina razor wire where high security is required but with space restriction. 

Compared to traditional razor wire fences (like spiral or concertina), it is less aggressive and easier to install in various settings. The design of the flat wrap is intended to offer a more compact and aesthetically pleasing security barrier, while still maintaining the deterrent and protective capabilities of razor wire.

The flat wrap razor wire produced by Dongfu Company considers both safety protection and the aesthetic appeal of the installation environment, addressing specific customer needs. We provide products in various specifications to suit different use cases, along with professional installation support and consultancy services, to ensure our clients receive both practical and beautiful security solutions.

Structural Features:

Flat Structure: Unlike spiral razor wire that creates a rounded obstacle, flat warp razor wire presents a flattened form that allows for a tighter fit on a wall or fence.

Compact Blades: The sharp metal blades fitted to the wire are arranged in a compact pattern, which both enhances protection and, due to its flat unfolding pattern, gives the barrier a cleaner, less obtrusive appearance.

Flexible Application: the flat warp construction allows this type of razor wire to be flexibly applied to walls or fences of various heights and widths, ideal for urban environments and where aesthetics are a concern.

Installation Cases

Flat wrap razor wire is always used to upgrade security for residential fences, brick and precast concrete walls, chain link fence, perimeter fence, and gates. The either medium or short blade is available for your special purpose.




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