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Electric Galvanized Razor Wire

Electric Galvanized Razor Wire

Electro-galvanized razor wire, is a type of safety and protective material that is coated with a layer of zinc on the surface of steel through an electrochemical process. This type of galvanising treatment forms a protective layer by depositing zinc ions onto the surface of steel using an electric current in an electrolyte solution.

Compared to hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized is less costly, making the overall price of razor wire more economical. For application scenarios where budget is limited or where extreme corrosion resistance is not required, electro-galvanized is a reasonable option.

Electro-galvanized: 15 g/m²


Corrosion Resistance

Electro-galvanised zinc provides some corrosion protection, not as durable and comprehensive as hot-dip galvanising, but sufficient for some inland environments or drier areas to cope with daily corrosion challenges.

Uniform Plating

The zinc plating process makes it easier to control the thickness and uniformity of the coating, ensuring that every part is covered equally, albeit with a thinner layer.


Electro-galvanized steel has a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing surface. The zinc coating provides a bright white metallic sheen and is suitable for applications where a certain appearance is required.

Application Scenarios

Electro-galvanized razor wire is suitable for the following applications:

  • Residential and commercial properties: as a protection for property boundaries against trespassing and theft.
  • Agricultural fencing: to protect farms from wildlife, and because of its lower cost, it is suitable for the construction of large fences.
  • Industrial areas: to provide basic security around industrial areas where security requirements are not extreme.

Maintenance and Durability

Electro-galvanized razor wire is relatively simple to maintain, but due to the thin galvanized layer, it is not as effective and durable against corrosion as hot-dip galvanising and may require more frequent inspection and maintenance, especially when used in harsh external conditions.

Overall, electro-galvanized razor wire fencing is a cost-effective protection option for situations with limited budgets. Although its corrosion resistance and durability are not as strong as hot-dip galvanizing, it is adequate for some environments. Dong Fu offers a wide range of electro-galvanized razor wire fencing products to meet the needs and budgets of different customers.




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