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BTO-18 Razor Wire

Medium Blade BTO-18 Razor Wire

The BTO-18 is an extended version of the BTO-10, and although it is also an older model that is not commonly used, it is often inquired about and purchased by our customers. The blades resemble a flying squirrel with spread wings, providing effective protection and visual deterrence for environments that require higher security, such as military bases, government buildings or other high-risk areas.

Compared to the BTO-10, the BTO-18 offers better protection because of its longer blade, but at a relatively higher cost. Dongfu offers you customized BTO-18 razor wire using a variety of materials (e.g. galvanized steel or stainless steel). Depending on your application, it can be made into hexagonal or straight types etc.

BTO-18 Blade Specifications

Blade TypeBarb ThicknessBarb LengthBarb WidthBarb SpacingCore Wire Diameter
BTO-180.5 ± 0.0518.0 ± 115 ± 133 ± 22.5 ± 0.1




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