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Concertina Wire vs Razor Wire – Do you know the difference?

What is the difference between Concertina wire and razor wire? People often confuse these two terms, but strictly speaking, they are not the same product; rather, it’s a relationship of inclusion. Concertina wire is a type of razor wire.

Today, Dongfu will explain in detail the relationship between them for you.

Razor Wire

The metal sheet is pressed into blades and then combined with steel wire to become razor wire. All products composed of these two components can be referred to as razor wire, such as Single Loop Spiral Razor Wire, Flat Wrap Razor Wire, Welded Razor Wire, Straight Line Razor Wire, and of course, Concertina razor wire.

Thus, razor wire is a general term for all products of this kind.

Concertina Wire

The term “concertina wire” emphasizes the concertina structure, specifically referring to the concertina type of razor wire. There is no such thing as “Concertina Flat Wrap Razor Wire,” nor is there “Concertina Welded Razor Wire,” or “Concertina Straight Line Razor Wire.”

Therefore, “concertina wire” simply represents “concertina razor wire.”


The main difference between “concertina wire” and “razor wire” lies in the types of products they refer to. When “razor wire” is mentioned, it can represent all types of razor wire, whereas “concertina wire” specifically refers to concertina razor wire.

Razor wire includes concertina wire. Do you understand?

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