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Learn about our company’s dynamics, and learn more about the customization, application, and selection of razor wire and barbed wire.

Concertina Wire vs Razor Wire – Do you know the difference?

What is the difference between Concertina wire and razor wire? People often confuse these two terms, but strictly speaking, they are not the same product; rather, it’s a relationship of inclusion. Concertina wire is a type of razor wire. Today, Dongfu will explain in detail the relationship between them for

Why is it called concertina wire?

Why is it called concertina wire? The answer is quite simple. Concertina wire got its name because its coiled structure is very similar to an instrument called a “concertina” . The concertina is an instrument similar to an accordion that can expand and contract like a concertina, and the coiled

Concertina Razor Wire

10 Types of Razor Wire – How Should You choose?

With the continuous increase in global demand for safety, razor wire has become an increasingly popular security protection product. With its sharp edges and sturdy structure, it serves as an effective deterrent against intrusion. Many people hope to use it to protect their assets and property. However, facing various types

Black PVC coated concertina wire is used for residential protection

Concertina Wire or Razor Wire – Is it legal?

Razor wire or concertina wire has become a well-known star product for security protection, widely used in commercial, industrial, residential, public service protection, and military fields. Many people want to use it as a deterrent and an effective means of protection to ensure the safety of their assets and property.


How Long is a Roll of Concertina Wire

Concertina wire, also known as razor wire or barbed tape, is typically supplied in rolls to facilitate transportation and installation. Some customers are concerned about how long a roll of concertina wire is. Dongfu want to tell you is that there is no standard length; it can be completely customized

razor wire vs barbed wire - dongfu

Razor Wire vs Barbed Wire (The Most Detailed Comparison)

Razor wire and barbed wire are two kinds of security devices commonly used in the world. Whether they are used to prevent humans and animals from passing through protective boundaries, or installed on wall or fences to prevent climbing, they are very economical and practical effective fences. Dongfu is a

concertina razor wire coil border wall

Why are Razor Wire So Popular in Border Wall Construction?

The U.S. -Mexico border wall, a controversial topic since Trump took office, even caused the longest government shutdown in American history because of the construction funding problem. Even so, Trump built some border walls in the southern border cities of San Diego, California, and Nogales, Arizona. Apart from the towering

More Cost-effective New Blade BTO-22 Razor Wire

We know there are many types of razor wire blades, such as BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-25, BTO-28, BTO-30, CBT-60, and CBT-65. They are named according to blade shape and blade length. According to the market index research report, the most popular one is BTO-22, which occupies 90% of the

Installation of razor wire

Razor Wire Fence Installation Guide

Safety and property protection are the main concerns in people’s lives. In order to prevent thieves or other unwelcome visitors from entering specific areas, people have come up with many ways, such as creating many effective fences. Among them, the razor wire fence is very popular. It is a razor-type