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Concertina Barbed Wire

Concertina Barbed Wire

Concertina barbed wire is also a type of barbed wire, it is made of single-strand wire and barbs. There are many small bumps on the surface of the line wire to prevent the barb from sliding. It has clips to connect the coils and looks like concertina razor wire.

It is usually used as a security fence on the top of the existing fences or solid walls, in ditches on the roof of tops or by itself on the ground. Concertina barbed wire can be attached to almost all kinds of wire mesh fencing, such as chain link fence, welded wire fence, palisade fence or expanded metal fence to achieve high-level security.

Compared with double strand barbed wire, it has the characteristics of simple structure, lightweight, sharp and strong. It is suitable for buildings, warehouses, factories, airports, prisons, farms, highways, railways, power plants, even in emergency or military activities.

Concertina Barbed Wire In Coil Specification

Coil Diameter Before Stretching (mm)Coil Diameter After Stretching (mm)Coil Diameter After Stretching (mm)Clips Per Spiral
45040054 or 553
73060054 or 553
73062054 or 555
98082054 or 555
98085054 or 557
1250115054 or 559




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