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Barbed Wire Rolls

Barbed Wire Rolls

Our barbed wire is usually sold in rolls by weight or length, with common rolls weighing 12.5kg, 15kg, 25kg and 50kg, and lengths depending on weight and wire diameter.

The size of the diameter of each roll usually depends on the weight of the roll and the thickness of the wire, with heavier rolls having a larger diameter.

Dong Fu offers customized barbed wire rolls, weight per roll, length per roll, rolls with roller, outer packaging with branding and product information promotions, and more.

Galvanized Barbed Wire Roll
Galvanized Barbed Wire Roll
PVC Coated Barbed Wire Roll
PVC Coated Barbed Wire Roll
Packaging with Commercial Information
Packaging with Commercial Information

Benefits of Barbed Wire Rolls

Making barbed wire into rolls offers a variety of practical and economic benefits, which is why this design is so common in many applications. Here are a few of the key benefits of barbed wire rolls:

Easy transportation and storage

Barbed wire made into rolls is smaller and easier to stack and store, both in warehouses and during transportation. This compact form reduces the amount of storage space required and simplifies the logistics process, reducing transportation costs.

Easy to deploy and install

The rolls of barbed wire can be unrolled and installed directly where they are needed, making the deployment process fast and efficient. Crews simply place the roll of barbed wire in the proper starting position and unroll it along the intended fence line. This is especially important when building large fences or when temporary barriers are needed quickly.

Flexibility to adjust length

Rolls of barbed wire can be easily cut and adjusted in length to meet the specific needs of the installation site. This flexibility allows the barbed wire to be adapted very precisely to different lengths of fencing, reducing material waste.

Ease of use

The rolled design not only facilitates storage and transportation, but also makes it easier to use. When a fence or barrier needs to be erected, the rolled barbed wire can simply be placed and unrolled as needed, making it more efficient.

About the Length of Each Roll

Standard roll lengths of barbed wire can vary depending on the manufacturer’s specifications and the user’s needs. Typically, there are several common standards for barbed wire roll lengths commercially available to accommodate different application requirements and installation conditions.

Common rolled barbed wire lengths

  • 200 meters (approximately 656 feet): This is one of the more common roll lengths of barbed wire and is particularly suitable for larger projects such as farm fencing or long lengths of boundary fencing.
  • 250 meters (approximately 820 feet): For areas that require longer fencing, the 250 meter roll provides a longer distance to cover, reducing seams and joints and improving the stability and security of the overall fence.
  • 400 meters (approximately 1,312 feet): Typically used in very large areas, such as large ranches or expansive private property, this longer roll effectively reduces the labor and time costs involved in installation.
  • Other Lengths: In addition to the standard lengths listed above, Dongfu offer custom lengths to meet the needs of specific projects.

How do you decide how long each roll is?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the length of a barbed wire roll:

  • Project size: the total length of fence needed determines how many rolls to purchase and the length of each roll.
  • Terrain factors: Complex or irregular terrain may require more flexibility and shorter rolls may be chosen to allow for fine tuning in specific sections.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Longer rolls may require more labor and mechanical support for installation, but can be more economical to maintain with fewer seams.
  • Transportation and Storage: Longer rolls weigh more and may require special transportation and storage considerations.

With these considerations, users and contractors can choose the length of barbed wire rolls that best suits their specific needs and budget. Dongfu offers a wide range of barbed wire roll lengths, as well as professional installation guidance and support to ensure the safety and efficiency of every project.




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