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Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed Wire Fence - Economical and Practical Protective Fencing

Barbed wire fence is an economical and practical fencing product, primarily serving the purpose of preventing intrusion and providing safety protection. It can be installed on the ground, fences, atop walls, or other structures to create a spiky barrier, thereby achieving the effect of intimidating and deterring invasive surrounding intruders. It is widely used in land demarcation, livestock breeding, the security protection of residential and commercial properties, as well as the protection of farmland, among other areas.

Compared with the razor wire fence, barbed wire fence uses fewer raw materials and has no complicated accessories, it is very convenient to install and durable, so it is a very economical and practical fence choice.

Dongfu specializes in wholesale and custom manufacturing of barbed wire in various materials and specifications. We provide strong assurance and support for all your needs, whether for personal use or resale. We focus on product quality and innovation, ensuring that each batch of barbed wire offers optimal performance and durability in a variety of application settings.

Barbed Wire Fence Types

Single Strand Barbed Wire Fence

Consisting of a single wire with barbs fixed to the wire, it is the simplest form. More economical.

Double Strand Barbed Wire Fence

Made of two wires spun in parallel, the barbs are held between the two wires to provide greater structural stability and protection.

Surface Treatment

Galvanized Barbed Wire Fence

The most commonly used option, hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing are available. It is the most economical surface treatment process, effectively preventing rust and corrosion and increasing product life. Appearance is usually silver-white.

PVC Coated Barbed Wire Fence

By adding a plastic coating to the surface of the steel wire, PVC coated barbed wire not only increases the weather resistance of the barbed wire, but also provides a wide range of colors to suit different environments and aesthetic needs.

Placed On Top of Various Fences

Barbed wire can be placed on top of a variety of fences to form an enhanced security fence. This is a very common use.

Barbed Wire on Top of Chain Link Fence

Barbed Wire on Top of Field Fence

Barbed Wire on Top of Airport Fence

Barbed Wire and Concertina Wire

More Application Cases

Barbed Wire Fence is economical and practical with its simple construction, beautiful appearance, corrosion and oxidation resistance properties, excellent deterrent effect, beautiful, easy to construct, economical and practical. It has been widely used in grassland borders, railroads, highways, industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, forest protection, military fields, border posts, prison isolation and protected areas.




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