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Dongfu Barbed Wire - Wholesale Custom Manufacturing

Wholesale purchase of all types of barbed wire and customized solutions. Our service is to provide you with superior products, stable supply and factory prices that guarantee your benefits.

Understanding the diversity of market needs, Dongfu focuses on providing highly customizable barbed wire products to traders, project contractors, wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

  • Material Options: We offer a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, high carbon steel or galvanized steel to suit different environments and durability needs.
  • Design Customization: We offer a wide range of barbed wire designs and configurations, including single-strand barbed wire, double-strand barbed wire, etc., as well as different barbed spacing and barbed styles to meet specific safety level requirements.
  • Packaging Customization: Various packaging options such as heavy duty rolls, boards, or cut to specific lengths are available based on customer’s logistical, storage, and usage needs.

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Professional Barbed Wire Product Manufacturer and Supplier

Barbed wire is a kind of economic fence products. it is made by twisting the barb wire around the line wire by a barbed wire machine. because of its simple manufacturing process and low cost it has become a popular fence.

Comparing with razor wire, it’s more economical but a little bit less secure. Barbed wire fencing can be used independently as a simple fence, or it can be placed at the top of various fences to upgrade the protection performance of other fences.

The market of barbed wire fence is global because it’s a kind of very common fencing products in the world. No matter in farmland, battlefield or forest, we can see the barbed wire fencing a lot. It was first invented to limit the movement of cattle.

Main Specification of Barbed Wire

1. Material:

  • Carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel.
  • Aluminum alloy wire is a new kind of material. It will not rust, but its hardness and toughness are not as good as steel wire.

2. Surface treatment:

  • Hot-dip galvanized, Electro-galvanized, PVC coated.

3. Line wire:

  • Wire diameter: #12, #12½, #13, #13½, #14, #14½, #15, #15½, #16, #16½ (in B.W.G.)
  • Tensile strength: 1235 N/m2.
  • Galvanization: 275 g/m2.

4. Barb wire:

  • Wire diameter: #12, #12½, #13, #13½, #14, #14½, #15, #15½, #16, #16½ (in B.W.G.)
  • Distance between Barbs: 3″/ 4″/ 5″/ 6″.
  • Tensile strength: 350 N/m2.
  • Galvanization: 240 g/m2.

5. Strand structure:

  • Single strand barbed wire: Only one line wire
  • Double strand barbed wire: Two line wire

6. The number of barbs:

  • 2 point barbs.
  • 4 point barbs.

7.Twist style:

  • Reverse twisted barbed wire.
  • Traditional twisted barbed wire (normal twisted).

8. Weight of per roll:

  • 10-30kg.

9. Stretch length of per roll:

  • 150-500m.
Reverse twisted barbed wire
Traditional twisted barbed wire (normal twisted).
Standard Sizes and Constructions for Barbed Wire
Design NumberSize, Steel Wire GaugeDiameter of Coated
Wire, in. (mm)
Number of Barb
Spacing of Barbs,
in. (mm)
Diameter of Barbs, Steel
Wire Gauge
Shape of Barbs
12-4-3-14R12.50.099 (2.51)43 (76)14round
12-4-3-12R12.50.099 (2.51)43 (76)12round
12-2-4-12F12.50.099 (2.51)24 (102)12.5flat
12-2-4-13F12.50.099 (2.51)24 (102)13flat
12-2-4-14R12.50.099 (2.51)24 (102)14round
12-2-5-12F12.50.099 (2.51)25 (127)12.5flat
12-4-5-14R12.50.099 (2.51)25 (127)14round
12-4-5-14H12.50.099 (2.51)45 (127)14half-round
12-4-5-14R12.50.099 (2.51)45 (127)14round
13-2-4-14R13.50.086 (2.18)24 (102)14round
13-4-5-14R13.50.086 (2.18)45 (127)14round
14-2-4-14F140.080 (2.03)24 (102)14flat
14-2-5-14F140.080 (2.03)25 (127)14flat
14-4-3-14F140.080 (2.03)43 (76)14flat
14-4-5-14F140.080 (2.03)45 (127)14flat
14-2-5-14R140.080 (2.03)25 (127)14round
15-4-5-14R140.080 (2.03)45 (127)14round
15-2-5-13F15.50.067 (1.70)25 (127)13.75flat
15-2-5-14R15.50.067 (1.70)25 (127)14round
15-4-5-16R15.50.067 (1.70)45 (127)16.5round

What Types of Barbed Wire We Provide

You can choose different types of barbed wire according to your needs, they have different cost-effective and suitable for different environments.

Our Barbed Wire Production Workshop

With multiple state-of-the-art production lines and dozens of automated machines, we are able to efficiently produce large quantities of customized products of all types, while maintaining consistent high quality standards.

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Why Choose Barbed Wire for the Fence?

Sharp edge frightens intruders and thieves.

High stability, rigidity, and tensile strength to prevent cutting or destroying.

Anti-acid and alkali.

Harsh environment resistance.

Corrosion and rust resistance.

Available to combine with other fences for high-level security barrier.

Convenient installation and uninstallation.

Easy to maintain.

Durable and long service life.

Installation and Application

Like razor wire fence, barbed wire can be used independently as a simple fence or installed on a variety of high-security fences.

Livestock Farm
Grassland Boundary
Factory Protection

Packaging & Shipping

Barbed wire is usually packaged in rolls. There are two ways of packaging: in bulk or using wooden pallets.

In bulk: loaded the barbed wire rolls in bulk. (This way saves space)

Wooden pallet + steel belt: Place it on a wooden pallet and tie it with steel belt. (This way can be easily loaded and unloaded)

We also provide customers with a customized design of brand labels, as shown in the example below.

Provide some additional options to use barbed wire more conveniently: Wood Spool, Handle

The packaging of barbed wire is very simple. Because it is made of metal and tough, it is not afraid of being squeezed during shipment. Usually, it’s in bulk and it’s packed directly into containers, which is the choice of most of our customers because it saves space and transportation costs. But because of the shape barb of barbed wire, loading is time-consuming and laborious, which has certain danger.

Another packing solution is loaded the barbed wire on a steel pallet, then tight the barbed wire coils with steel wires make sure it will not fall down during shipping. Wrapping the plastic film outside in the end. Need to be very careful that the pallets cannot be overweight than 2.5tons during loading because some of the forklifts in destination site cannot lift the pallets over than 2.5ton weight.