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Picture of Rina Song

Rina Song

Rina is the founder of Dongfu Company and the editor of She has been engaged in the security fencing industry since 2008, with extensive experience and profound professional knowledge. Over the past decade, Rina has worked in sales and customer service, focusing on the research and development and promotion of razor barbed wire and concertina products, providing high-quality safety protection solutions and products to customers worldwide. Through continuous learning and practice, Rina has accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and practical experience. She is a major contributor to the articles on our blog and often shares some very useful articles about her own understanding of products. If you have any questions, you can comment below, and Rina will answer you as soon as possible.

Why is it called concertina wire?

Why is it called concertina wire? The answer is quite simple. Concertina wire got its name because its coiled structure is very similar to an

Black PVC coated concertina wire is used for residential protection

Concertina Wire or Razor Wire – Is it legal?

Razor wire or concertina wire has become a well-known star product for security protection, widely used in commercial, industrial, residential, public service protection, and military


How Long is a Roll of Concertina Wire

Concertina wire, also known as razor wire or barbed tape, is typically supplied in rolls to facilitate transportation and installation. Some customers are concerned about

Installation of razor wire

Razor Wire Fence Installation Guide

Safety and property protection are the main concerns in people’s lives. In order to prevent thieves or other unwelcome visitors from entering specific areas, people