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Leading China Razor Wire and Barbed Wire Manufacturer

Wholesale Razor Wire

MOQ: 1 Ton.
Production Capacity: 30 Tons/Day.
Delivery Time: 5 Tons order delivery on the same day. 1 Container shipped within 3 days.

Wholesale Barbed Wire

MOQ: 1 Ton.
Production Capacity: 20 Tons/Day.
Delivery Time: 1 Ton order delivery on the same day. 1 Container shipped within 7 days.

Cost Advantage

We have our own factories, a complete production chain and proven production technology that gives us a cost control advantage, which the company is able to capitalize on to produce cost-effective, high-quality products.

Quality Assurance

We follow stringent quality management systems such as ISO certification to ensure that all of our exported razor wire and barbed wire products meet or exceed international quality standards. We also utilize the latest technology and automated equipment to manufacture our products to ensure consistency and reliability in every batch.

Customized Service

DONGFU is able to provide customized services to meet the specific needs of customers in different countries and regions, including different sizes, materials and packaging options to meet diversified market demands.

Fast Delivery

Multiple production lines, optimized inventory management and logistics arrangements can ensure fast delivery of large orders and reduce customer waiting time.

Dongfu Razor Wire & Barbed Wire Company

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in China, Dongfu is a leading manufacturer and exporter of security fencing products. Specializing in providing high quality razor wire and barbed wire products, Dongfu has become a preferred supplier in many countries and regions around the world due to its advanced production facilities, strict quality control system and deep industry experience.

Products & Services
Our product line includes razor wire and barbed wire in a variety of sizes, all made from premium galvanized steel and stainless steel materials to ensure superior corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. We offer a full range of options from standard products to highly customized solutions to meet the security needs of a variety of industries and individuals including, but not limited to, border protection, military bases, prison security, private property and commercial facility guarding.

With an annual production capacity of over 13,000 tons of razor wire and 8,500 tons of barbed wire, we are able to meet the large-scale demands of the global market. Our flexible production planning system ensures rapid response to customer orders even during peak demand periods.

International Markets and Customer Service
As a company actively expanding into international markets, Dong Fu has successfully exported its products to over 50 countries. Our international business team is fluent in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French and Arabic, to ensure trouble-free communication with our customers worldwide. We are committed to providing responsive customer service and flexible logistics solutions to meet the urgent and diverse needs of our customers.

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Factory Capacity

Dongfu’s production site in Anping, China, covers more than 5,000 square meters of modern factory, equipped with advanced production lines and automated equipment, ensuring that our razor wire and barbed wire products meet international manufacturing standards.

Annual Production

With an annual production capacity of over 13,000 tons of razor wire and 8,500 tons of barbed wire, the company is able to meet the large-scale demands of the global market.

Delivery Capability

Spot orders can be shipped the same day, customized orders can be delivered in 7-30 days depending on your purchase quantity.

Production Capacity

We have several automated production lines, including the complete process of raw material handling, stamping, molding and packaging.

R&D Capability

With years of experience, we have improved many blade models, such as the new BTO-22 and the new BTO-30, which are balanced products with economy and protection.

Customization Capability

Individualized product design and solutions for the specific needs of different customers in different countries and regions.

Quality Control

Strict quality control system is implemented, with detailed quality inspection process from raw material purchasing to finished product leaving the warehouse.

Various Materials are Available

Low carbon steel wire, Low carbon steel sheet, high tensile strength steel wire, stainless steel wire, stainless steel sheet, we can offer you a variety of materials and combinations.

Various Specifications Available

Our razor wire is available in more than 20+ types and 100+ specifications, and our barbed wire products have experience in manufacturing many types and specifications.

Multiple Packaging Options

For your different needs, for wholesale, for a particular security program, for retail, and so on. Customized packaging styles and packaging methods are available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between razor wire and barbed wire?

Razor wire is a protective product consisting of metal strips with sharp blades and high-tension wires designed to stop crossings and is used for high security needs. Barbed wire, on the other hand, is made of twisted steel wire with sharp spikes and is primarily used for fencing with low to medium security needs.

Choosing the right model needs to take into account the purpose of the fence, the level of security required, and the budget. Common models include BTO-22, BTO-30, etc., where the number indicates the length of the blade.

Regularly check the integrity of the fence, removing weeds and debris that could lead to corrosion. For galvanized materials, check for broken zinc coating and treat for corrosion if necessary.

The service life of razor wire and barbed wire depends on the material and environmental conditions. Generally speaking, hot-dip galvanized material can last more than 10 years, while stainless steel material lasts longer.

Production lead times vary depending on product type and order size. Typically, production lead time is 3-4 weeks for standard products and may take 4-6 weeks for customized products. We always strive to optimize our production process to meet the needs of our customers.

Yes, our products are manufactured in strict compliance with international quality management standards, such as ISO 9001, and we have obtained a number of product quality certifications to ensure that our products meet or exceed international standards.

Yes, we understand the diversity of needs of different customers and support small orders to help customers reduce inventory pressure and test market response.

We accept a variety of payment methods, including wire transfers (T/T), Credit Cards, Letters of Credit (L/C), Western Union, etc., to make it easier for customers in different regions to conduct transactions.

We work with a number of experienced logistics companies and are able to provide transportation services under a variety of trade terms such as FOB and CIF. We can also work with customer appointed freight forwarders to ensure safe and timely delivery of goods.

All shipped products are strictly packed, using durable materials and packed according to international standards to prevent damage during transportation. If necessary, we also provide insurance services for the transportation of goods.

We promise to provide return and exchange service for all products with quality problems. Customers should check the goods immediately after receiving them, if there is any problem, please contact us within 7 days after receiving the goods, and we will arrange the replacement or replenishment as soon as possible.

We offer comprehensive after-sales support, including technical advice, installation guidance and usage and maintenance advice. Our customer service team is available all year round, ready to answer any questions and ensure customer satisfaction.

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